Amazing Moments

I shot the fireworks during New Year Eve Countdowns at Putrajaya Lakeside. The moments when the lights exploded was just amazing.

I made it!

I thought I don't have the energy anymore. But finally I made it to the top of Broga Hill

Check out Dari Dapur CT !

Cute Burgerlicious. One out of Hundreds of delicious recipes in

Cameraholic !

Yes you can call me that. But I just can't take my hands off from the lovely vintage cameras. Day by day, my collections keep growing!

Everlasting Memories

I just can't forget the happiness spent with all my friends during many of our holiday trips together. We met and become friends through blogging world but indeed we are closed like a family!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Update - Total Collections Todate

I have been very busy with works lately therefore I don't have time to snap individual photo of my newly acquired collection and update them with some details reference here. However, as a quick update, I list here all the previous items plus those recently acquired at the time I wrote this. Once I am not too busy, I shall update those new ones with detailed photos and information. After all, I am expecting 4 more to arrive in the next couple of weeks, so let's just wait for them as well.

Collections in Glass Cabinet

Level 1 - Canon AV-1, Arrow Vintage Spy Mini, Canon Canonet 28, Canon AE-1

Level 2 - Minetta Vintage Spy Mini, Bell & Howell/Canon Canonet 19, Canon Canonet 28 (1st Version), Bencini Comet S

Level 3 - Balda Baldinette, Rolleicord, Kiev88, Halina 35X Super, Certotix 6x9 Folding

Level 4 - Halina 35X Super, Agfa Super Silette L, Halina 35X, Kodak Retinette 1A, Bencini Comet II

Collections in Wood Cabinet

Level 1 - Olympus Pen EE3, Nikon FG, Asahi Pentax, Minolta SRT100X

Level 2 - Halina Paulette Electric, Nikon EM, Zenit TTL, Minolta Hi-Matic F, Yashica Minister III, Yashica FX3

Level 3 - Konica EE-Matic, Samoca LE-II, Halina Simplette, Agfa ISO-Rapid C, Olympus Pen EE3

Level 4 - My earliest collection, the Canon EOS 5 and Canon EOS 50

Apart from the cameras, I have also acquired quite a numbers of camera accessories like flashes, light meters and self-timers. And of course all of them are vintage as well.

The last two pictures below are the latest gems in my collection. Both are the Vintage Spy Mini Camera. You can see how tiny and cute they are when placed next to next to a normal size camera. Next to the camera you can also see the tiny little green thingy. That's the film the camera used actually. Soooo tiny and cute little thing right? I was so fortunate that I got 6 of them as it came together as a lot when I bought the Minetta. Those films are no longer available anywhere. So, of course I am not going to 'waste' them but only for display.

Arrow Vintage Spy Mini.

Minetta Vintage Spy Mini

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