Amazing Moments

I shot the fireworks during New Year Eve Countdowns at Putrajaya Lakeside. The moments when the lights exploded was just amazing.

I made it!

I thought I don't have the energy anymore. But finally I made it to the top of Broga Hill

Check out Dari Dapur CT !

Cute Burgerlicious. One out of Hundreds of delicious recipes in

Cameraholic !

Yes you can call me that. But I just can't take my hands off from the lovely vintage cameras. Day by day, my collections keep growing!

Everlasting Memories

I just can't forget the happiness spent with all my friends during many of our holiday trips together. We met and become friends through blogging world but indeed we are closed like a family!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project - Golden and Brown

I have been waiting for so long to transform one of my classic camera into something different. Actually I have two units of Olympus Pen EE3 which I have been thinking to change the look on one of it. And finally after much deliberation, I managed to transform its original look from this...

and TA-DA.. into this! Do you agree that it look magnificent and cute? It took me one whole day from disassembling the parts, paint the bottom and top panel with Gold paint and replace the black into brown leatherette and finally reassemble everything back into one piece. I feel aching all over my body but it's really great and worth the effort.

Twin brothers, one with new skin and the other with its original.

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